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How to ace your music, part 2
How to ace your music, part 2

Seriously here, I'm not talking about the amount of time you spend, though that is important. I'm talking about how you spend your practice time and what songs you're working on in it. What's more important than just time is that every day you do practice, you are moving a ...

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  • How to ace your music, part 1

    What is music? The OED says "Music is vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and ...

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  • Green and Darker Green | What should I be working on, part 4

    So the idea is to work on songs that are somewhat beyond you until they are within your grasp. But oddly enough, boredom and creativity are brothers. ...

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  • Moving Fuchsia to Green | What should I be working on, part 3

    You are practicing to try and pull yourself up ability-wise, so you should be choosing songs to work on that are 5 to 10% above your present abilities ...

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  • Practicing in the red zone - what should I be working on, part 2

    Look at the red square of my blurry diagram below - Licks/Study. (Notice on the diagram all the levels are in relation to what's hard or easy TO YOU) ...

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  • What should I be working on?

    How hard should the songs I work on be? One way to answer this is what are you trying to accomplish with this song, what is this song supposed to do ...

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  • The Trees of Practice Good and Evil

    When you learn a new technique or a different way to play or sing something, it's like your brain has planted a little seed; the idea has birthed a ...

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  • Triangle of Practice - work on any two of these areas

    Triangle of practice: performing a song well requires getting an A grade in 3 areas: Length of piece (L), accuracy of notes (A), and appropriate speed ...

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  • Developing a musical practice portfolio, part 2

    As I was saying on 2.6.15, if you never spend any money on savings, on the future, you're going to be in trouble in about 30 years, because you never ...

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  • Developing a musical practice portfolio

    The way most people should practice and build their musical abilities is to work on music theory, exercises, and performance (remember, studying music ...

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