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On this page you will find lots of links and information that's useful for music and musicians. If you're looking for specific information for an instrument we teach (or voice), please go directly to that instrument's page and look at the resource page there for that instrument. At the time this information was entered, all links worked and products listed were available. For information purposes only; we won't post resources when we know there might be any sort of problem with a product, business, or person listed but please check out the reliability, appropriateness, and reputation of any resources you plan to use. If you have any additional questions, please ask your instructor or email us at And please report broken links to

Follow the links below to view some helpful resources!

Acoustic Guitar

- go here for resources specifically for Acoustic Guitar.


- go here for resources specifically for Bands.

Careers in Music

- - Music career job opportunities.Find a music job.

CD duplication

-, 972-788-5133,

Classical Guitar

- go here for resources specifically for Classical Guitar.


- You can register a copyright here.

Drums and Percussion

- go here for resources specifically for Drums and Percussion.

Ear training





- Basically a Digital Piano but you can also select a KEY and then press 1 through 7 buttons on your keyboard and it will play the 7 normative chords and then A-J plays seven alternate chords and you can SEE them being played on the piano and confirm its the triad you expected. It loads on your browser so its not a software you need to download and install.

- The free version is above. For around $30 you can get the paid version which lets you play in any key, which would be extremely helpful for singers or students playing mono-phonic instruments.

- You have to pay $28 to get the full version (loads also from browser) which allows you to play a key other than C but even the free version is HIGHLY instructional.

Electric Guitar

- go here for resources specifically for Electric Guitar.




- go here for resources specifically for Flute.




- THE AMERICAN HARP SOCIETY, Ellen Ritscher, Denton, TX, 840-565-3739,
- The Geoffrey Harp School, 507 Church Street, Grapevine, Texas 76051, 817 / 251-1385,

Improvising and Play-Alongs

- - Guitar Backing Several thousand songs with various parts missing, entire guitar parts, lead solos, and vocals, in different styles and different combinations.

Indian Music

- the Indian Classical Music Circle of Dallas/Ft.Worth. ICMC, P.O. Box 50603, Dallas TX 75250-0603, (214)-336-3459.


- MusicPro,


- go here for resources specifically for Mandolin.

Media Players

- Real Player Converter – free download. Rip and burn CDs. Copy any video on the internet just by clicking the “download this video” box as you view the video. Using the accompanying Converter, you can pull the video off and leave an audio recording (think youtube). Also you can convert many different files to different formats.

- Windows Media Player – free download. Rip and burn CDs. Right click in the top margin, choose enhancements, select “play speed settings” and you can speed up or slow down .mp3 files.

-VLC media player – free download. Purported to play any type of media file.


- Korg Ma-30 (a Promethean Best Buy), Korg TM-40, Planet Waves PW-CT-08, or Boss TU-80 or better.




Music, Sheet

- IMSLP – Petrucci Music Library, Free public domain music – Tons of music, All instruments, but entirely classical works.

Music, tabs, and chord charts

-, use with caution. These 1000s of charts range from good quality to something an eleven year old kid uploaded. Beware the phrase "this is my first tab". Also has powertab and Guitar pro tabs.

Music History

-Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers,

Music Education, Higher Education

- The College Music Society:

Music notation software

- MuseScore is a free cross-platform WYSIWYG music notation program

Music retailers, Sheet Music

-, The world’s largest music publisher. Look at music here, talk it over with your teacher, and order it in our next music order. With a 8% discount.

- Pender's Music Co. (Dallas Location) – Sheet Music, Music novelties. Metroplex’s largest classical, jazz music retailer. 2650 Midway Rd, Suite 230, Carrollton, Texas 75006. (972) 818-1333

Music Styles, blues


Music Styles, classical



Music Styles, jazz


Music Theory


Musical knick knacks

- Music treasures:


- Musicians Contact: Find a gig or a band. Locate musicians.


- go here for resources specifically for Oboe.

Online lessons

- Right here at Promethean Studios. Contact Glenda at .

Piano and Keyboard

- go here for resources specifically for Piano and Keyboard.

Praise & Worship

- find hymns - lyrics, lead sheets, piano music, overheads, etc.

-, Free worship guitar chords, tabs & lyrics for christian worship leaders



Recording and editing

- - Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems.

- Sound recording software for FREE!

- REAPER is a fully featured multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment.

Recording Schools

- Mediatech Institute, . Dallas Campus, (972) 869-1122, 400 E. Royal Lane, Suite 100, Irving, TX 75039,


- - music theory definitions. I love this site.

- info on recorded music, who’s tops, etc.

- - information about every kind of music, composer, group, etc

-, Virginia Tech Muiltimedia Dictionary

- Songfacts: - purported meanings of songs, not necessarily accurate. Mostly just people talking about what they think the songs mean, or what their second cousin Bill heard it meant.


- go here for resources specifically for Saxophone.


- go here for resources specifically for Songwriting & Composition.

Sound, Live

- ACS – A Certain Sound and Stage,, 817.831.0675

Studios, Recording

- Crystal Clear,, 4902 DON DRIVE DALLAS, TEXAS 75247, 214.630.2957, 888.237.2679.

- Harborhousestudios:

- Maximedia Studios,, (972) 488-8814

- Nomad Studios,, 214-282-6388

- Panhandle House,, Denton. 940-349-9229, Mark & Eric Herbst.


- - Online chromatic tuner.

UIL music and requirements


Venues (Places to perform)

- Dallas Public Library -

- The Johnnie High’s Country Music Revue, 800-540-5127, 817-226-4400, Arlington Music Hall, 224 North Center, Arlington, TX 76011.


- go here for resources specifically for Voice.

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