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This page is for students and musicians who said - ‘The purpose of life is to live a life of excitement, to take risks and live boldly on the edge, to strive against the odds and win mightily, and to have as much fun as you can, if possible, all the time.’

If you really are this type of musician, we’re lucky you clicked this far and if you read this short paragraph, much less the entire page. Here’s the bottom line: you’re physically skilled and like things to be exciting, so you practice and play in huge spurts, rather than steadily. You need to know how to make the awesome things you’re doing even more awesome and lots of encouragement when the cutting edge thing you’re doing doesn’t work out. If you want to know more, keep reading. If not, click on the links to take lessons with us; we’re awesome, too.

Perspective - Almost all students of music can learn to do all the different aspects of music well with work and solid direction or instruction. So most people can learn to read music well, improvise well, and be a convincing performer, but each kind of person has areas that are easier or harder for them personally.

Strengths - This personality produces the most physically-skilled musicians (as in, they play really fast and accurately with passion). Their skill is so extreme that they are a majority of the world’s virtuoso performers. Because their physical skill is so massive, they are also highly artistic in their performances, the skill reflecting the freedom their mastery of each facet of their art produces. They are focused on the big picture, the amazing finale, the blistering solo, super Cs and double Cs, bringing down the house. Think Paganini, Tony Rice, Van Halen, Elvis (no kidding), Victor Wooten.

Issues - Practicing is non-existent for these students, unnecessary, in their minds; they don’t practice – they play! When they work on their music, they may go for 6 hours at a time, perhaps for days on end, and then throw their instrument down for 2 weeks. This inconsistency makes it difficult to master concepts and abilities that take steady effort to absorb – they may not believe a thing that can’t be learned in a day is worth doing.

They can be overly-discouraged when they find out the thing they made up or learned isn’t really that new or hard or awesome – or, heaven forbid, that they aren’t that awesome (yet). Sometimes when they come to these realizations, they’ll just quit and go on to something else at which they think they can truly excel.

Because the issue is being on the edge and pushing the envelope, systematic learning and music theory (such powerful a short-cut for musicians) is frequently missing in this person and they haven’t a clue how they do what they do, why it works, or how to tell someone else how to do it. Many of them are bad instructors with many students.

Again, it’s hard to feel that you’re pushing boundaries when you can’t make that C9 chord or hit a Bb, and have to keep working on it and working on it - so this personality may permanently cut out techniques and genres in which they cannot easily, always play in the same key, never learn to play lead or rhythm, etc.

This link is for information about music lessons outside the Dallas area. Click here for that or continue reading about this personality below and enjoy our site.

Solutions - These students should be allowed to switch around a lot while being encouraged to master their primary interests, as important missing elements in their music are reinforced. They should find mentors they trust to guide them in determining what skills are actually necessary.

Hearty praise and encouragement is needed when gaps between zeal and reality are discovered. An amazing role model out front demonstrating how awesomeness looks and sounds helps.

Whenever possible, absorb and assimilate music theory and strategic learning methods for your instrument or voice, remembering that they will give you an advantage in becoming amazing. Recall the goal here is that YOU become awesome, not just that Steve Vai is awesome. Learn correct ways to play and sing to be applied in your marathon playing sessions at times of your own choosing, rather than steadily every day.

Other Issues - Because their focus is excitement, dash, panache, they may need direction on what is actually cutting edge, excellent, tasteful, and awesome, rather than only the things they ‘made up’ or discovered themselves – that these things they made up, while exciting, might need some adjustment.

Conclusions and results - With praise during the times of awesomeness and encouragement when the risk taken doesn’t pay off, this musician can become the best of the best or as good as they want to be. Finding or learning about a great musical role model or instructor (or both) who is artistic, wise, learned, and still freakin’ awesome is a great way to instill those attributes in yourself. When your head’s in the game, pull together all the truths you’ve heard and are being taught and chin yourself up to the next level, to that next mountain. Learn everything you can; look for people who can foster your musical development.

This person can be anything they want to be in music. We tend to see this student in roles as front man, flashy guitarist, crazed drummer, and many of the showiest, fastest musicians on any instrument or voice. Any amazingly skilled performer may be this personality, as well as the equally amazing layman who is blowing people away down at Guitar Center. Take lessons at Promethean Studios; we can give you all the tools you need to be the best you can be and encourage you while your skills are still coming together. We can keep you on the edge.

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