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Music Speaks to the Heart
Music Speaks to the Heart

For good or ill, music by-passes the brain and speaks directly to the heart. Think of songs where you detest the lyric, but love the music. You've never downloaded a single song or bought an album because you thought "Man, that guy is accurate". "Wow, this group is so ...

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Blog posts in December, 2010

  • Learn Music 3 Ways

    People learn music 3 ways, by ear, by brain, and by muscle memory. Ear - it sounds good, feels right. Brain - I see it, Key of Ab, 3/4 time. Muscles - ...

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  • Developing Skills

    The most awesome musicians in all the world have songs, licks, and solos they mess up on, that they can't play or sing well - that they're developing. ...

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  • A Band

    There are many positives to getting in a ensemble, a group - A BAND! In looking at students tonight in one of our bands, I can see 3 members ...

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  • Play Equally Well in All Keys

    I know it sounds simplistic, but any serious musician needs to work to play equally well in all keys. And oddly enough, each instrument has keys they ...

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  • What You Love

    Music is so huge, so many styles, so much music. You could spend your entire life just on one genre - classical, rock, country - and never even ...

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  • Bass Line

    All musicians and songwriters can benefit greatly from listening to the bass line of songs, just when listening to music for fun. The bass line is ...

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  • 90% of Songs

    As much as we want to progress, 90% of your songs (vocal and instrumental) need to be pieces you can already mostly do, with only a few problem areas, ...

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  • Temperamental

    Musicians tend to be focused on details, pieces of a song or the whole song. If they let themselves, detail people can work 4 weeks on 2 measures of a ...

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  • Being Comfortable in Public

    Only 15 percent of musicians are naturally comfortable performing in public. If you're not one of those fortunate few, you'll need to practice ...

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