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Produce Consistent, Quick Results
Produce Consistent, Quick Results

The only thing that I've ever seen produce consistent, quick results is publically performing as many times as you can, as close together as you can, until you become used to the fact that people are listening to you and paying attention. Until you've made all your mistakes ...

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Blog posts in January, 2011

  • Overcome Being Nervous

    How do you overcome being nervous in public performing? This comes from feeling inadequate and like you're fixing to make a fool out of yourself in ...

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  • Performing

    As our studios approach recitals in 5 weeks, it's appropriate to discuss performing. There are 2 kinds of performances; we are going to talk about ...

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  • Melodramatic

    Like an actor, a musician is trying to be as dramatic as possible without breaking the spell by being melodramatic, that is, overly dramatic. We want ...

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  • Subplots

    Great cartoons and movies have subplots and back stories that make them seem more substantial, more engaging. Bugs Bunny cartoons always had gags ...

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  • Changing and Growing

    As you work on your music and get better, your tastes change and grow. You know that your solo stinks and that so-and-so song used a progression a ...

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  • Challenging Music Listening

    Most people do not want to be challenged in their music listening. They just want to enjoy sounds and be lightly entertained as they go about life, ...

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  • Dimensions of Music

    There are many parts, aspects, dimensions of music. Pitch, rhythm, dynamics, timbre are the starting points, then as further differentiations we could ...

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  • Musical Interests

    Most people's musical interest is focused on styles, rock, country, classical, jazz, etc. But it's interesting that some students (and thus musicians) ...

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  • Performance Expectation

    When you buy a great album or go to a concert with a group you love, you have a performance expectation – you anticipate that this will be GREAT! and ...

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