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Playing is Practicing
Playing is Practicing

Playing is practicing, although a comparatively inefficient form of practicing. Practicing focuses on an area and masters it, playing puts everything together all at once, focusing on the product, and not the details. When a good or great player says "I never practice" - may ...

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Blog posts in August, 2011

  • Groove

    Groove is the perfect word for the rhythmic flow of a song. A groove holds something in place, and it keeps you from going left or right, too fast or ...

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  • Steady Rhythmic Flow

    For an audience to love your music, you must first and foremost establish a steady rhythmic flow, a continuous, even pulse. This allows them to relax ...

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  • Making Mistakes

    OK, here's one of the most essential (and weird and true) uses of making mistakes. Most awesome, amazingly fast players and singers get there by ...

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  • Using Mistakes to Grow

    Another idea on using mistakes to grow is learning to quantify your mistakes. If you were to take a test and get a 97 or 98, you would think you were ...

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  • Importance of Mistakes

    As much as I'm always talking about accuracy, taking the time to get it right, I want to talk about how important making mistakes is. First off, know ...

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  • Knowledge Vs. Mastery

    Knowledge vs. mastery. Just because you know a scale or a chord or a song doesn't mean you do it well. Just because you can do it well doesn't mean ...

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