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Tonight at 7:45 - "How Should I Practice?" at our Q&A, bring your questions.


Reminding all about the new format – Open livestream Tuesdays (tonight) at 7:45 pm on Mark Teaches Music. And then an adlibbing VIDEO released Wednesdays (tomorrow) – be on the lookout for that at Mark Teaches Music. You might go there and click notifications so you’ll get – hmm, what was that?? O yeah – a notification about the adlibbing video.

At 7:45 tonight I’ll be explaining how you should be practicing, even if you don’t practice! And I’ll take all you questions about that and any other music/performing/art topic I have any information on. Last week I talked about “What kind of music should I learn?”

ADLIBBERS: video coming Wednesday night by 7:30 pm at Mark Teaches Music!!

Come and invite folks tonight to ask questions about practicing and then share the adlibbing video tomorrow!