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Improv Workshop, tonight at 7:45, musical Q&A at 8:30
Improv Workshop, tonight at 7:45, musical Q&A at 8:30

Adlib with me 7:45 to 8:30 pm tonight. Beginners and intermediates welcome, open to all instruments and voice. You’ll have a great time improvising back and forth with me. “Backstabbers at the Disco” is first, R&B in c minor. Then “Giddy up and Drive”, a rock piece in e ...

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  • No Improv Workshop or To Play and Sing tomorrow, 5.23.23

    Please don’t cry, we’ll have the 5.30.23 Live Streams for sure. I’ll go ahead and answer this one question though: How do you know when a drummer is ...

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  • Hey, don't forget you can learn to improvise tonight at 7:45, and at 8:30 have music questions answered.

    That’s for all instruments and voice; beginners and intermediates are welcome. You are invited. All the scales and positions and charts are provided ...

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  • Improv Workshop Session 32 and Q&A Episode 45, Tonight starting at 7:45!!

    Come and learn to play better tonight at the Improv Workshop at 7:45 pm. All instruments and vocalists are welcome; beginners and intermediates too – ...

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  • Excellence awaits at the Improv Workshop Session 31 and Q&A Episode 44 Tonight at 7:45!!

    Come and adlib with me at my Improv Workshop and ‘To Play and Sing’ Q&A at 7:45 pm. All instruments and voice are welcome and beginners and ...

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  • You are a doofus

    if you play or sing and don’t come to the Improv Workshops, and especially tonight at 7:45 pm. And you’re a doofus if you’re in a band and you don’t ...

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  • How to ace your music, part 2

    Seriously here, I'm not talking about the amount of time you spend, though that is important. I'm talking about how you spend your practice time and ...

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  • How to ace your music, part 1

    What is music? The OED says "Music is vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and ...

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  • Green and Darker Green | What should I be working on, part 4

    So the idea is to work on songs that are somewhat beyond you until they are within your grasp. But oddly enough, boredom and creativity are brothers. ...

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  • Moving Fuchsia to Green | What should I be working on, part 3

    You are practicing to try and pull yourself up ability-wise, so you should be choosing songs to work on that are 5 to 10% above your present abilities ...

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