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I need a dollar – Black covers Blacc. A jazzier twist on the 2010 soul tune.
I need a dollar – Black covers Blacc. A jazzier twist on the 2010 soul tune.

Here I’m performing “I need a Dollar’ by Aloe Blacc. I’m playing all the instruments and singing background voices too, with tremendous audio/visual help from the awesome Tom Ford. I heard this as a jazz blend of ’16 Tons’ and ‘Hit the Road Jack’. It’s slower than the ...

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Blog posts in Performance

  • Teach me piano: your piano teacher playing 4 songs. You can learn right now.

    4 songs with Mark Black playing piano – if I’m going to teach you piano I have to be able to play piano. True? True. Classic rock (the AMAZING ...

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  • Crazy – Gnarls Barkley, Ceelo Green cover by Mark Black. Listen to your voice teacher perform.

    Me performing one of the great neo-soul pieces, from 2006, ‘Crazy’ by Danger Mouse and Ceelo Green. This performance is from 2018, which sort of ...

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  • Teach me to play guitar: your guitar teacher playing modern and classic rock.

    When learning to play guitar many of us have to learn to solo as well as accompany the voice, including if we accompany our own voice!! So you need to ...

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  • Learn to sing from the heart: Your voice teacher singing 3 R&B and soul songs.

    Learning to be a great or good vocalist requires we give other people the emotion and meaning of what we sing. Here’s me singing 3 great R&B songs – 2 ...

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  • Check out your voice teacher singing Soul, Neo Soul, Modern & Classic Rock, Jazz Standards.

    In this video I’m performing 2 soul pieces, a jazz standard, 1 classic rock, and one modern rock song. Back in music school one of my professors said ...

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  • Listen to your flute teacher play Rock & Jazz. Learn to play and adlib in your lessons.

    If you’re taking flute lessons from me, you need to know that I can actually play, right?! Here’s a jazz standard and an r&b/pop piece – 1 melody and ...

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  • Your voice teacher singing Modern Rock, R&B, Jazz. Learn to sing better and perform confidently!

    Here's one where I’m singing (or, in Mississippi/Alabama where I'm from, that would be 'sangin). You need to know your teacher can sing if you take ...

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  • Listen to your sax teacher play. Rock & Jazz. Learn to play saxophone and perform!

    If I’m going to help you play sax dramatically better, you need to know that I can actually play, right?! Here are 4 different songs, with me playing ...

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  • Mark Black playing & singing 20 songs: guitar, piano, voice, sax, flute, bass - Rock, Jazz, R&B.

    If I’m going to dramatically help you play and sing better, you need to know that I can actually sing and play well, right?! Here are 20 different ...

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