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Learn to sing from the heart: Your voice teacher singing 3 R&B and soul songs.


Learning to be a great or good vocalist requires we give other people the emotion and meaning of what we sing.  Here’s me singing 3 great R&B songs – 2 hits from the 70s and one from the 80s.  Do I actually bring you in to the style and emotion of each song?  Tell me in the comments.  These are just clips to keep it short.

Songs here:

0:00 – Lowdown, Boz Skaggs.

0:38 – 100 Ways, James Ingram.

1:41 – I wish, Stevie Wonder.


Here's the link:


Mark Teaches Music is a channel dedicated to getting great at the music you love. All instruments and voice, all styles & all levels. Really, I can do all that!

99.9% of people can learn to play better than they ever thought.  You're one of them!

I’m constantly adding videos on music & music learning, answering playing, singing, & learning questions.  You can also adlib with me on many tunes and styles in the Improv Workshop videos.  Get great and love your music!  

Some useful Ideas we explore here:

Have Fun   Be AwesomeTM is the theme AND the goal.

You should learn how to make the sounds you love first, as a way of motivating and rewarding yourself for doing frequently necessary hard work.

Inflection points rock.: There are techniques, ideas, shortcuts that give significant, noticeable advantage to learners; moments when significant changes may occur. Let's find them and use them.

MMIWTE - Making music is worth the effort. It's a bit of a maze out there knowing where to turn, where to start. This is a good and safe place to get that process going.

Your personality affects everything you do.  Learn about how YOU learn, play, think, and progress.

Your goal is comfortable, skillful singing and playing.

To play awesomely you have to have skills and righteous skills take time and work and that is called practice. But MMIWTE.

The point of learning music is to perform whole pieces, not study or practice or take lessons, or play little licks and snippets of songs. If you’re not playing whole songs, you’re failing. But you can fix this and I can help.

90% of musical success is about muscle memory and performance skills (sad but true), not knowledge or information. A little information, liberally applied.

Like it or not, attitude in performing goes a long way. We've got to get used to at least a little strength, conviction in our performances.

Tradition does not equal success. But sometimes it contributes greatly to success.

System and order make musical success come more quickly, like learning to throw a ball or ride a bike. We can use this to grow quickly.

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