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To Play and Sing and your Questions - Tonight at 7:45 - I will survive - how to perform live

And such a timely topic it is, with our studio concerts this Sunday!! How do you overcome being scared to death in the middle of your performance? How do you not rush or slow down? How do you take your amazing music and put it before an audience and convince them “THIS IS GREAT!!”? What are you trying to accomplish in a performance anyway?

I’ll be talking tonight on keys to wonderful, convincing performances, no matter what your personality or level of ‘fear.
Last week in the Q&A I talked about The Food of Giants, absorbing great musicians and what they do to become like them. Watch Episode 64 to find more. And the adlibbing video last week was a Bb blues with me on bass.

Come tonight and invite humans and interstellar aliens as well.

These videos are for all instruments and voice (guitar, piano, bass, voice, sax, flute, oboe, mandolin, ukulele, brass, strings, everybody); beginners, intermediates, and advanced players are welcome, and you can just come watch if you’d like. No comments required!! I also try to be funny. Ha. Ha. Ha.

AND I’ll do my best to answer all your personalized questions about anything musical, instrumental, vocal, rockal, jazzic, classicalo, countriment, R&BBish.

Then Thursday I’ll put out an adlibbing video for you to play and/or sing with – also on Mark Teaches Music.