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7:45 - come play cool music with me.  8:45, get your music questions answered!

7:45 - come play cool music with me. 8:45, get your music questions answered!

Let’s play together at 7:45 to 8:45 pm at the Improv Workshop – we’ll both get better!.  Performing is the single, solitary best way to grow.  Any instrument and the human voice (those with ferret voice, too) invited, beginners and intermediates, but of course, advanced players could adlib too, we just can’t hear them.  Sad.

Tonight we’re playing “Dallas City Blues”, a slow blues in Bb.  Then “EJT's Groove #33”, an old favorite of mine, in g minor. This link:!AkE55h1YEgTVlj_vkKfFaLnGKLf0?e=6kRebI

gets you to all the scales, patterns, and charts used tonight.  If you can, it’s usually easiest to use if you print them out.

I’m adlibbing on the acoustic guitar and alto sax tonight.

Then at 8:45 pm, well it’s time for “To Play and Sing” time, musical Q&A – Yes, the musical world lies trembling in anticipation of the penetrating answers I will give to your musical questions in any area, with responses like “hmmm”, “what?” and “I don’t know”.  Last week we finished up our discussion on what to play (accompany) on a new song, in bass, guitar, and piano.  We also found out how to fit 100 drummers into a phone booth (what’s a phone booth, said the gen Xer).  We won’t know the questions for tonight until we hear yours.

Come and invite yo’ mama, yo’ daddy, and yo’ whole family.


Mark W Black

Promethean Studios


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