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Improv workshop is tonight at 7:45; musical Q&A at 8:45


Tonight we’re adlibbing to 2 songs we’ve done before: “Slow Soul Wish”, a soulful rock ballad in a minor and “Bollywood Blues'”, a pretty funky little blues, in c minor. This link:!AkE55h1YEgTVlnzr54tv4XLu-Vth?e=UhwE1e

gets you to all the scales, patterns, and charts used tonight. If you can, it’s usually easiest to use if you print them out.

I’m adlibbing on the ukulele and the flute tonight.

As usual, at 8:45 pm “To Play and Sing” time, musical Q&A – bring all your questions for good, ok, awesome answers, and they’re usually entertaining, too.  2 weeks ago we reviewed the top 15 musical questions of 2023 AND learned how to recognize when a drummer is at your door.  We won’t know today’s questions until you come and ask them.

Come and invite your minions.