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You are a doofus

if you play or sing and don’t come to the Improv Workshops, and especially tonight at 7:45 pm. And you’re a doofus if you’re in a band and you don’t come to the Improv Workshops, session 29 tonight and adlib with me and get better. All instruments and voice. This week we have the songs “Clay can Groove” in a minor (reminiscent of ‘Superstition’) and “Chick Joe is Feeling Bad”, country blues in C major. Beginners and Intermediates always welcome.

This link:!AkE55h1YEgTVlSZwbeEhl8ZrYVeR?e=hfqZI4
gets you to all the scales, patterns, and charts used tonight. Print them out if you can.

I’m adlibbing on the flute and the mandolin tonight.

Then at 8:30, stunningly and without warning I shall magically answer questions about music and learning music. It will astound and fascinate!! 2 weeks ago I regaled the audience with a dissertation on how much to practice, to thundering applause, mind you. Also we discussed a definition of a half-step. You should ask your important questions tonight. We won’t know the questions tonight until you ask yours at 8:30 pm.

Please come and bring cutouts of friends as well.