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Our Upcoming Songwriting Seminar

Our Upcoming Songwriting Seminar

There are several ways to improve your understanding of music, and songwriting is one of them. Whether you’re new to music or have been playing an instrument for years, learning how to write songs could be a great next step for you. At our Songwriting Seminar, individuals who’ve never considered writing music can sit alongside seasoned songwriters, and both can learn something new about how music and songwriting work together. Plus, it’s fun!

This particular seminar will address the various components of a song, how to begin writing, and will also include hands-on songwriting experience. If you’re considering learning more about music in general, or if you wish to improve your songwriting skills, we encourage you to consider our upcoming seminar.

About Our Studio

At Promethean Studios, our lessons are focused on helping individuals from all musical levels grow and improve through learning new components of music and mastering what they already know. We offer several seminars throughout the year to help our students improve their musical abilities. We also teach in-studio lessons, group lessons, and provide coaching. Some of the courses we provide include instruments like the piano, guitar, bass, sax, ukulele, and singing.

We love teaching a variety of musical subjects, including songwriting, because we know how important it is to understand the larger picture when it comes to music.

The Songwriting Seminar

During our Songwriting Seminar, Mark Black will discuss how popular songs of all genres, including rock, country, blues, and jazz, are written. We will spend about 35 minutes talking about how to write songs and will explain the 3 essential components of a song. During this time, Mark will also discuss a few practical ideas to help get your song off the ground, and explain how songs are developed and finished.

Afterward, we’ll spend roughly 40 minutes working with the students, looking at their songs, offering helpful advice and addressing areas that could improve. If we have time at the end of the seminar, we will gather the class together and write a song as a group, taking each student’s input. We find this last step handy because it shows students how easy it is to write a song, firsthand.

Seminar Registration

The Songwriting Seminar will take place on Sunday, May 20th at 5:00 PM and will last between 65-75 minutes. To register, contact Promethean Studios online or call us at (888) 862-7210.

Each of our seminars is designed to help our students grow and flourish as musicians and as people. We endeavor to bring new information to our students during each seminar, explaining music in ways they hadn’t thought of before. In our music seminars we focus heavily on the big picture, reminding students that each component we address, including songwriting, contributes to a greater understanding of music as a whole.

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