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The Genius Musician


Your ear is like a genius musician and music theoretician from Russia, who knows absolutely everything about music, can play every instrument and style, but can't speak a word of English. He knows just what to do, knows exactly what's wrong, what should be done but can't communicate it to you. You've got to learn to communicate with HIM, your ear. It hears everything correctly, and you know instantly when there's a wrong note or something is off in the music you listen to, without being told. You already have preferences and styles, groups you love and hate, and that's all about ear knowledge. You have an ally that's a great comfort and resource for you, your mighty ear. Now we've just got to learn to speak EAR. Without ear-training and music theory you'll spend about one year of learning to speak EAR and get one year of benefit - a 1 to 1 ratio of learning - and not very efficient. But study those and work on your ear and you will reap a harvest from the treasure trove you already have - your ear. You'll be prying all the secrets from our hypothetical Russian master musician, and riding on the information your ear has been gathering since you were knee high to a horned toad. Invest in learning to speak EAR.

Swing time is the sound a horse makes when moving at a canter.