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Missing Notes


In performance (which you need to practice everyday) learning to let notes that you've missed go and keep on going (performance button, keeping the macro-rhythm steady, one third of your playing) is crucial. Learn to let those mistakes go, don't let them infect the rest of the song. It's like the character in a scary movie, or like Lord of the Rings, etc. The orcs are coming and this kid is holding on to a bunch of stuff and they drop something, their teddy bear, and everyone says forget it, let it go, but the kid turns back for that one thing and GETS EATEN BY THE ORCS, HA! When you miss a note or make a mistake IN PERFORMANCE, let it go, it's already gone. Don't let it mess anything else in the song up by worrying about it or trying to fix it. After the performance you can go back, work on it 1000 times and fix it.

In practicing, first it becomes correct, then you develop muscle memory (becomes natural), then you add passion, excitement (becomes art).