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21 Reasons to take online lessons

The 21 reasons why you should be taking elessons right now at Dallas Music Lessons (the number one reason is at the bottom):

Reason #21 – Save time. For most students lessons take 45 to 60 minutes drive time every week. With elessons you can use this time on something else.

Reason #20 – The elesson software lets you easily record every lesson, either audio or video. Then you can go over any part you’d like, whenever you want - exercises, Mark’s instruction – you can listen to your own performance (or his) again and again.

Reason #19 – People are less self conscious in elessons. There are no ‘other people’ waiting in the reception area, listening to you sing or play.

Reason #18 – If you’re traveling, you’ll miss less of your lessons, because you may be able to take those lessons while you’re on the road, away from home.

Reason #17 – You can still have your lesson safe at home in bad weather, rain, ice, cold, heat. No driving on dangerous roads and unpleasant conditions.

Reason #16 – You’re less dependent on others for your lesson. You can still have your lessons when your car is in the shop, when Mom or your friend Jimmy can’t pick you up. And parents, that means you can leave little Johnny in his lesson while you get things done at home.

Reason #15 –Save gas. You don’t have to spend $20 a month for petrol.

Reason #14 –No matter how you take lessons, the best time to practice is always right after your lesson, when everything’s fresh and exciting. Taking elessons means instead of spending the 30 minutes after your lesson riding in a car, you can seal today’s learning and excitement by immediate practice if you’d like.

Reason #13 – You don’t have to cancel if you’ve been sick, or aren’t feeling well and may be contagious, but feel good enough for lessons. You’re comfy at home.

Reason #12 – If you homeschool, elessons work perfectly as a fine arts class and may fit directly in your school day schedule.

Reason #11 – You have a more fluid personal schedule because instead of having to plan drive time, prep time (keys, gas, grab your music and instruments), you can be come in from work 5 minutes before your lesson and comfortably meet Mark for your lesson, right on time. OR choose # 10.

Reason #10 – You can practice immediately before your lesson so you sound your best, instead of losing your edge as you drive across town for 30 minutes. Your lesson can become the performance high point of your week.

Reason #9 – Did you see that it’s $50 off the first 2 months? That’s 50 simoleons, brother.

Reason #8 – Many kids think it’s super cool to be talking, playing, and singing at the computer, and thus frequently concentrate and play better during elessons compared to an in-person lesson.

Reason #7 – Traffic! None.

Reason #6 – Only the participant is involved. No longer does the whole family have to pack in the car for 90 minutes while someone else takes a lesson.

Reason #5 – People aren’t nearly as nervous in elessons. You’re sitting in your own home, on your own instrument, in your room, and are usually much more relaxed.

Reason #4 – Because of all this convenience, people tend to come to their lessons more consistently and not drop out because of time conflicts and being too busy.

Reason #3 – Multiple members taking lessons in the same household don’t have to wait while a sibling or spouse is taking their lesson. They can practice or watch TV or study at home until it’s their turn.

Reason #2 – More of the actual lesson time is spent singing, playing, and learning, because you don’t have to pack everything in and out and set up during your lesson minutes. When you hit the button to join the lesson, everything is ready to go.

And the number 1 reason you should be taking elessons is:

You get to take lessons with Mark Black and you almostly certainly wouldn’t be able to do that any other way. The quality and benefit to a student of having an world-class teacher cannot be over stated and you may easily live 200 miles from an excellent one. Through online lessons you can have fun while you learn as efficiently as possible from someone who has taught 1000s of private students and crafted a learning program for each one – and he’ll do it for you, too.

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