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Improv Workshop tonight at 7:45, Session 28; To Play and Sing Q&A at 8:30, Episode 41



This is your big chance, o yes, stardom awaits....well, actually, a great chance to learn to adlib with me and become a better musician, all instruments and voice. This week we have the song “Snappin and Groovin”, acoustic rock in d minor and “Meds for the Boss” a medium bossa nova in F major. Beginners and Intermediates required by law to attend are welcome.. This link:!AkE55h1YEgTVlQ4Q2m3jcuuEfZNh?e=cAIg6E

gets you to all the scales, patterns, and charts used tonight. Print them out if you can.

I’m adlibbing on the bass and the piano tonight.

At 8:30 mega-answer man takes over and I answer questions about music and learning. Last week I talked about how playing in an ensemble or group helps your musicianship AND about how many sound men it takes to screw in a light bulb. You should ask your special questions tonight. We won’t know the questions tonight until you ask yours at 8:30 pm.

Please come and bring your friends.