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Micro-rhythm is my term for the detailed rhythm going on at the specific beat or rhythm figure you're trying to play in a song; macro-rhythm is the 1, 2, 3, 4 going on under all that detail. I'm coming to believe mastery of the macro-rhythm (consistent beats at the measure level) is what lets many master musicians develop their amazing speed, precision, and creativity. The ability to go for something hard, or blazing fast, or weird and unusual, miss it, and still keep the over-all time (not mess up the song) gives performers the confidence to keep trying that thing, keep sticking it in until they really do master it. It's like driving, yes, you have to keep between the lines, but there's room for a little imperfection. If driving had to be perfect (not an inch off!), no one could drive - you could never start learning because too much precision would be needed just to begin. Playing along with others, but probably especially CDs, recordings that are right and keeping a constant time is a good way to establish the macro concept and help you jump in with imperfect playing NOW instead of waiting until everything's perfect.

Some professional orchestral musicians never play a difficult part to speed until the performance. Hmmm. Ponder "Practice makes Permanent".


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