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After Your First Performance


DEBRIEF: OK, so now that you had that performance, what should you do? Be glad you're still alive? Seriously, first, congratulate yourself on what you did and take pride and courage from it. 99% of people will never do that, never get up there and put themselves up front as you did. That's awesome and for most people, it's the biggest turning point in their journey towards being a musician. Good on ya', mate! And, as hard as you were working and thinking, trying to do your best, striving to make it work - I hope you ENJOYED what you did up on stage. That's what all music is about, soaking up the exhilaration and essence of the gift of music, awesome when listened to, but sublime and eternal when it's coming out of YOU: even for ole red-neck pickers like me. We'll talk next about more things to get from your performance.

Dealing with mistakes is more important than perfection, because it leads to perfection. Knowing how to fix mistakes makes you invincible.