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Different Ways to Play and Sing

Different Ways to Play and Sing

When you are learning, the newest thing that you're presented with seems like the best, the crème de la crème. It's harder, a new sound to you and thus intriguing, and you can't quite do it yet so it's somewhat tantalizing. And that's as it should be. But as you learn most of the harder, different ways to play and sing, you'll discover that the older, simpler ways of doing things have their place and indeed are the preferred choice in varied circumstances. Sometimes the dm11 is the best choice, sometimes just good ole dm. Sometimes Spanish Phrygian, sometimes natural minor. The point here is not que sera sera, or be simplistic, return to your roots and the innocence of youth, RATHER, that there's probably a perfect place for everything you've ever learned musically, if you'll listen for it. And also if you end up jamming everything you ever learned into every song, they'll be too dense to enjoy.

Vocalists, concentrate & make low notes crisp, light, clear, and distinct. Don't depress the larynx to make them sound deeper than they are.


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