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Challenging Music Listening

Challenging Music Listening

Most people do not want to be challenged in their music listening. They just want to enjoy sounds and be lightly entertained as they go about life, and that's fine. I don't want to be a horticulturalist; I just want my lawn to look good. I don't want to be a computer scientist; I just want my PC to work. So it's reasonable that most people don't want to know a lot about music, they want it to entertain them in life. As a result the more complicated and challenging music is, the smaller the number of people who like it. It's like tooooo much information. The most popular styles of music (rap, country, rock, pop) are the simplest. The most difficult kind of music, classical, is the least popular and the most difficult pop music (jazz), is next in smallness of audience. And each of the more popular styles has a sub-set within that style that is more complicated, is more demanding and that has a smaller audience. Country has bluegrass, rock has progressive rock, etc. This is something to think about if you're a songwriter or in a band - do we want to be super popular or write challenging music? The answer will affect the size of your audience. Next time, in relation to difficult and simple music, what happens to your tastes as you study music and play and sing better? .

Your music is a Humvee, not a crystal vase. Things go wrong, you mess up, but you pull it together and make it work. Not 1 error breaks it.


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