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A Band


There are many positives to getting in a ensemble, a group - A BAND! In looking at students tonight in one of our bands, I can see 3 members noticeably improved in just 5 weeks BECAUSE they have to keep going; they can't stop and examine their mistakes, they have to keep playing and keep up with the group. Being in an ensemble (group) makes you develop your MACRO-rhythm, the larger issue of keeping the measures intact even though you make a pitch mistake or flub some short term rhythm. And you don't have to be great or even that good to be in a band, that's one of the beauties of it - your part is less crucial than when you're a soloist and there are other people to take up your slack. When you mess up, 2 or 3 other people aren't messing up, so the group sounds good even though you make a mistake or two (and they'll make a mistake in a minute, too). So, for fun's sake, or if you stop every 4 measure when you play alone (Macro-rhythm problem), get in a band.

Parents of the World-your kids have to practice to enjoy their music! Even little kids! 20 minutes/5 days at least. Even if just for fun!