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Music Seminars

Music Seminars in Dallas

Focused & Specialized Music Education

Private lessons provide the most focus, specialized education that our students can receive. The lessons are centered on the interests and passions of the student, which not only makes the music enjoyable, but compels the student to learn more effectively because they will take ownership over the goals of the lessons. However, we also want to make sure our students start to appreciate the larger world of music they’ve entered into.

That’s why we’ve developed music seminars, one-time lessons that occur two times a year. Seminars introduce the student to the bigger picture of what they can accomplish with their instrument. It provides the sort of knowledge that would result in significant developments later down their musical career. The primary purpose of the seminar is to inspire our students, to introduce them to new concepts and possibilities in their music. We believe that they’re important to our students’ growth into musicians, but importantly, they’re also fun!

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