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Group Lessons

Dallas Group Music Lessons

Group lessons are a great option for beginners who have yet to commit to private lessons. However, at Promethean Studios we believe that a student’s greatest growth happens in the context of private lessons and performance. One teacher and one student is the most effective way to teach and learn music, especially once a foundation of music knowledge is established. That’s why we recommend that students take one group lesson class for three months to establish a strong knowledge base, and then the student can transition into private lessons in his or her instrument.

When comparing prices for music lessons, make sure that you clarify that the lesson you’re paying for is a true “private” class. Because music centers make more money from group lessons, they will often advertise small group lessons as “private.” At Promethean Studios, we assure you that a private class is one student paired with one teacher, working together on your student’s music exclusively.

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