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Teaching Styles

How We Teach

Promethean Studios is devoted to two main principles in all of our services:

  • All lessons must provide practical, effective techniques for learning.
  • All lessons must be fun!

Our instructors are devoted to your growth as a musician, which is why we use a results-based teaching model. There should never be a month that passes where you cannot point to a specific way that your music has improved or you have learned something new. Whether you’ve never picked up a guitar before or you’re a concert-level oboist, our experienced music teachers will make sure you achieve your goal for every lesson.

Flexible & Effective Music Instruction in the Dallas Area

We offer a variety of teaching formats to ensure that you are receiving the exact type of instruction that you need, whether it’s a group lesson to learn the basics, private lessons to take your saxophone playing to the next level, or a coaching session for your band. No matter your needs, our teachers are prepared to provide useful and relevant instruction and feedback.

We believe that students and musicians do their best work when they have taken ownership over their learning. That’s why we let our students set their own goals for their music, and our instructors guide them to greatness, however the student defines that. If we have a student who only wants to play top 50 hits, we’ll make him/her capable of doing that, while also giving them the tools to be a great musician.

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