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Songwriting & Composition Lessons in the Dallas Area

At Promethean, we know that you want to make music, and we know how to get you there. One of the major beliefs at Promethean Studios is that understanding is key to creating good music with conviction. Too many music students are taught technique without knowing what it is they’re actually doing; in the end, they become glorified human jukeboxes, playing songs automatically without seeing the underlying reasons for why they’re playing the way they are.

We Help You Understand the “Why” of Music

Understanding the structure of music, the “why” of it all, is called music theory. Music theory is often either ignored by teachers because it takes more effort to teach it, or (even worse) it becomes the sole subject that an instructor will teach. We believe there’s a middle ground, where the student can begin learning the structure of chords and keys, and then immediately begin applying it to their own music for a richer experience. Even a small amount of music theory will allow students to learn music more effectively, allowing them to become versatile musicians capable of learning any instrument using the common language of music. That’s why we teach music theory to all of our students.

Though slow starting at first, within months students with an understanding of music theory will begin to surpass their peers and continue to progress past students who don't actually comprehend what they're doing. The parts of theory we commonly work on in lessons are ear-training, sight-reading, rhythm counting, and music knowledge. Ultimately, we encourage students to exercise their music theory education by writing original pieces, either in pop genres that focus on melody and lyrics, or through more formal, classical music writing. These two practices are called songwriting and composing.

If you’re interested in becoming a true musician, with a deep but practical understanding of what makes music work, call Promethean Studios and schedule an initial lesson!

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