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Quite possibly the most influential instrument of the last few centuries, the piano is the king of stringed / percussion instruments, both for its ability to create beautiful, complex pieces of music and its relative ease of use for beginners. Due to its familiarity, students might overlook the advantages of mastering the piano. For one thing, the piano allows the player access to 88 notes, which is among the largest amount of notes that can be played by any one instrument. This is why piano is the most used instrument in composing music, both in its long history and in contemporary composing.

Another advantage to learning the piano is the ease with which students can play harmonies and chords. The other “self-contained” instrument we teach, the guitar, by contrast requires great finger strength and dexterity to play certain chords. On a piano, anyone with average-sized hands can play virtually any chord in existence. That means new piano players immediately have the ability to play a greater body of pieces with minimal technical strength than new guitar players (or new players of any kind).

In addition, pianos offer incredible expression through the player’s different modes of control. For example, the volume of a note or chord can be controlled through the pedals at the player’s feet and the sheer force that he/she uses on the keys. Notes can also be dampened and sustained through pedal work. There’s also a unique non-musical advantage to piano playing: the combination of using arms, legs, feet, all 10 fingers, ears, and eyes builds a coordination of mind and body that, according to an MIT study, results in 30% more effective coordination than average people, which is comparable to the physical skill employed by athletes.

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If you’re new to music, or you want to develop your ability to compose complex pieces of music, the piano is an excellent instrument to take up. While it is accessible to new players, it also rewards deep study and physical mastery, and the skills gained while playing the piano translate well into daily life. Not only that, but with the advent of high-quality keyboard equipment, there has never been an easier time to begin practicing piano music.

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