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Descended from medieval reed instruments like the shawm and the hautboy (pronounced “hoboy”), the oboe is a woodwind instrument that is classified as “double-reed” because of the two reeds in the mouthpiece, separated by a very small space. Because the reeds have very little space between them, a great deal of pressure must be applied to produce sound. However, when an oboe is played by a skilled oboist, the sound it produces is clear and noticeably louder than its other woodwind cousins. The oboe’s volume comes from its slight conical shape, in contrast with the cylindrical shapes of clarinets and flutes.

The expressive potential of the oboe is complex and many-sided. The sound of the oboe can range from its deep and melancholy lower notes to forceful, bright middle notes to clear and shrill upper notes. The oboe can inspire sounds that are idyllic and tranquil, but it can also create music that is deeply mournful and melancholy. In addition, modern composers are increasingly writing oboe solos as contemporary orchestras recognize the singular power of the oboe. While it produces a unique, loud, and clear sound compared to other woodwind instruments, its key design is fairly similar to the flute and the clarinet, which both employ the Boehm mechanism.

Though woodwind instrumentalists could make a relatively easy transition to the louder and richly expressive oboe, few do. The reason for this is that the oboe is notoriously difficult to play, due to the double-reed design and the complex techniques required of contemporary oboists, such as legato (smoothly moving from one note to another), vibrato (creating a trembling pitch using the throat and diaphragm), and glissando (sliding in pitch between two notes). Many oboists attest to its difficulty, citing many hours of practice and a slow learning curve before playing the oboe with any proficiency. However, any oboist will also express to you a great affection and devotion to this wonderful instrument because it rewards diligent players with strong, assertively beautiful music.

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If you’re considering joining the proud ranks of oboists, both past and present, consider taking private lessons at Promethean Studios. Our experienced instructors will walk you through the best habits and most effective practice techniques. We will bring you to a level of skill within a few months that would take you years to achieve otherwise, if you would achieve it at all! We can help you unlock your oboe-playing potential through effective, innovative teaching.

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