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Flute Instruction in the Dallas Area

The flute, like the drum, has been around for thousands of years in one form or another, and a version of it has appeared in nearly every culture around the world. The most primitive flutes, or wind instruments held horizontally while being played, were discovered in Germany and are between 35,000 to 43,000 years old. Since then, flutes have been an integral part of the cultural music of nations around the world, from China and India to Germany and France; they also have a history in America, from Native American folk music to jazz and contemporary pop music.

The advantages of learning the flute are in its key design and its size. Contemporary flutes have very similar fingering arrangements to alto saxophones, oboes, and clarinets. This design, known as a Boehm mechanism, means that flute players who decide to move to another woodwind instrument can do so relatively easily. Another advantage that flutes have over instruments like saxophones or tubas is its extreme portability. The flute is the smallest of the classic orchestral instruments, mercifully allowing players the ability to move to and from lessons and sessions with ease.

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Flutes are known for their soft, graceful, and ethereal whistle. While they are effective parts of ensemble pieces, flutes are especially famous for their beautiful and mellow solos. Due to their small size, flutes can often be swallowed up in the sound of louder instruments, but many composers write pieces with several flutes to compensate for the low volume. Flutes are an accessible instrument for new players, and they are a perfect introduction to the world of woodwind instruments. The relatively simple design, made of the headjoint, the body, and the footjoint allows new players to learn how to assemble it quickly, and the design of contemporary concert flutes allow beginners to create beautiful sound sooner than they would on saxophones or trombones.

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