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The bass guitar is a unique discipline in the guitar family primarily because it sounds different from an acoustic or classic guitar, but it is also due to its unique role in a band or group setting. Bass guitars usually play an octave lower than other guitars, resulting in a deep, rhythmic tone. Some of the most memorable parts of popular songs are the result of a powerful bass sound, which establishes the rhythm and foundational structure of a song.

Despite being a guitar, the role of a bass in a band is far closer to the drums than to the melodic six-string guitar. While the six-string guitar often receives the spotlight because it gets to play the melodies, the bass guitar often lays the groundwork for melody by keeping the underlying beat of the music going. While many people sing to the melody, they move to the rhythm. In fact, the bass player will often sync his or her bass playing to the drummer, allowing the beating of the drums to align to the plucking of the bass. However, like the drums, bass playing also has the potential to create truly memorable and spotlight-stealing solos that stay with an audience for a long time. As you grow into bass playing, its potential as a means of expression will grow with you.

While the bass is an accessible instrument to learn and simple to understand, bass playing has a long and proud history of virtuoso technique and wide varieties of style. Bass shows up in all kinds of music in wildly different forms, from country to metal to jazz to hip hop, but in each case its influence and power are undeniable. Some of the greatest jazz musicians in the world are students of the bass because it is so crucial to the success of a piece of music.

If you’re interested in creating powerful, deep sound that gets people moving, bass guitar might be the instrument you’ve always wanted to play.

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